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Natural cycle IVF (no drugs)

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  • Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
  • Fully registered with the GMC with a license to practice in the UK
  • 20 years of experience
Natural cycle IVF is similar to conventional IVF, with the only difference being that no drugs are administered to stimulate the ovaries (in some cases, a small dose of drugs may be administered to gain full contort of ovulation). The patient is monitored with ultrasound scans and blood tests so as to track the development of the follicle.
When the dominant follicle reaches a suitable size, egg collection takes place. The oocyte is then fertilized in the laboratory in the same manner as in a typical IVF cycle.
If a viable embryo is produced, which is developing normally, it will be transferred to the uterus.

Natural cycle IVF has recently become popular as an alternative to conventional IVF.
This method has many benefits compared to standard IVF, including eliminating the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), no (or very few) gonadotropin injections and therefore lower cost, avoiding the production of super numerous embryos and the elimination of multiple pregnancies. The primary drawback is the reduced pregnancy rate in comparison to IVF with ovarian stimulation.
However, in some cases, such as poor ovarian response or advanced age, this technique may produce results comparable to those of ovarian stimulation cycles.


After 16 years of trying to have a baby, our dream became reality!

Irini - Babis
Edessa 25/1/2012

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