Gynaecology & Fertility Centre
Friday, 3 December 2021

Our vision

  •  to maintain good health of our patients
by keeping them well informed and creating individualized programs of preventative medicine.

  •  to provide the best possible treatments in case of illness
with emphasis on early diagnosis and conservative or minimally invasive procedures, and to aid couples with fertility problems to realize their dream: to take home a healthy baby.

In order to achieve the above, we aim to be in the frontline of scientific advancement. We are committed to providing superior services, applying cutting edge technology and up-to-date medical practice in a friendly and safe environment.

      To that effect, the foundations of our Centre are based upon:

  •  continued self improvement
of clinicians and staff.

This is accomplished through participation in seminars, congresses, visits to Centres nationally and abroad, keeping abreast with current literature, regular meetings, internal audits as well as daily discussions of our cases.

  •  respect for our patients
Due diligence and accountability regarding our patients' medical history and records of every medical or non-medical detail relevant to each case.

Absolute confidentiality and consideration of each individual's needs and characteristics. Protected time and space to safeguard the patients' privacy during every visit and communication.

  •  respect for our employees
By providing an ideal working environment. Opportunities for self-improvement and development in light of improving patient care.
Open channel of communication voicing our employees' needs and hearing their suggestions so as to enhance the quality of our services.

  •  for our collaborating Clinicians
Access to detailed patient records and exchange of medical know-how with the consent of the patients as well as absolute confidentiality.

Detailed information available regarding the patient with description of any non-medical, personal idiosyncrasies (social, psychological, religious, etc). Full medical report prepared upon completion of the procedure or treatment (e.g. surgical log, visual material, summary of IVF treatment, etc).
We accept full responsibility of all patients referred to us.

  •  for the society and the public
We are committed to practicing effective, safe, ethically sound and high quality medicine.

We are particularly concerned with keeping the public well-informed and preventing disease (through workshops, newsletters, regular electronic updates, updated website, etc).

We support and contribute to charity

• British doctor

• Fellow of the RCOG

• Fully registered with the GMC with a license to practice in the UK


After 16 years of trying to have a baby, our dream became reality!

Irini - Babis
Edessa 25/1/2012

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